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8/10 - Rất tốt

Nghỉ 3 đêm cùng gia đình
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2/10 - Kém

Unqualified staff hotel
Big modern hotel in beautiful environment. Unfortunately the staff at the hotel does not speak english at all- but just to let you know something costs extra. Staff is not even friendly. The hotel has no reception and the phone does not work. Lot of things seem not ready or clarified, the hotel probably just opened. (April 2019).
Jean-Baptiste, nghỉ 2 đêm cùng gia đình
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8/10 - Rất tốt

Wonderfully situated property in the gorgeous Thung Nham park. You can walk around the whole property, rent bicycles and go explore. There were a few things that weren't ideal. First, only one staff member we encountered spoke enough English to converse. Wonderful, nice and kind staff, but had to communicate through Google Translate to get any assistance. Lot's of confusion with directions given to us of where amenities there were or question we had about the area. Second, once you are there, you are kind of stuck, since you are about 4km away from anything. There is a restaurant on the property, but the menu was very limited, I believe less than 8 dishes. Third, because its a park open to the public, there were hundreds of visitors each day over the weekend. Large buses parked right in front of our room, and local tourists were everywhere. We used Google Translate to ask for them to call us a taxi to take us into Tam Coc, the town, to rent a MotorBike to get around for the 2 days we were there. Since the hotel is in Thung Nham Park, there are guard stations where you need to purchase tickets to get access to the park. Driving back into the park, they wouldn't let us in, not knowing we were guests at the property. They didn't speak any English either, so it took a long and frustrating process to be allowed onto the property each day. Overall, a still pleasant stay.
Kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn 3 đêm
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