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Toscana Suites - Kissimmee

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2950 Reedy Creek BlvdKissimmeeFL34747Mỹ
  • Cách Sân bay Orlando, FL (MCO-Sân bay Quốc tế Orlando) khoảng 27 phút đi xe; 35,8 km
  • Cách Kissimmee Station khoảng 23 phút đi xe; 21,6 km
Tốt3,2 / 5
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Toscana Suites - Kissimmee

  • Phòng Suite, 1 giường cỡ king và giường sofa
  • Suite, 2 Queen and 1 Sofa Bed

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Tốt 3,2 /5 from 737 reviews

Toscana Suites - Kissimmee
Tuyệt vời4,0 / 5
Our stay was comfortable and a great way to get away.
1 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
Toscana Suites - Kissimmee
Tuyệt vời4,0 / 5
Family Stay
I read the reviews and began to get scared when we were headed to the hotel. It is on a dead end and there is a building that needs to be torn down next to it but honestly it really isn't something that deterred us from staying. It was large and great for what we needed since we were not there except before and after Disney. The suite was clean and the only thing that was unbearable was the beds. It was literally a pad on springs. Overall for ten price we were content and would probably stay again with the knowledge bring some extra blankets.
4 đêm nghỉ cùng gia đình
Toscana Suites - Kissimmee
Trung bình2,0 / 5
The place is under major renovations and looked closed down when we arrived. They don't provide housekeeping daily did not know that prior to arrival. The room had ants which got all over our clothes
3 đêm nghỉ cùng gia đình
Toscana Suites - Kissimmee
Trung bình2,0 / 5
Better Hotels out there
The hotel is very isolated, almost looks like in ruins. It does not have a main lobby, their using one of the rooms as the lobby. Pretty bad but can't complain for the price you pay
2 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
Toscana Suites - Kissimmee
Kém1,0 / 5
Lipstick on a PIG!
Obviously the reviews suck!! We have been Disney passholders for 19 years. Ive stayed almost everywhere from 5star hotels to motel 6, but usually expect what you see & pay for. This place put "lipstick on a pig" it could have potential but, the outside building looks like a setting for an inner city crack building. Ive never felt beds that hard & springy. No blankets. Mismatched sheets & pillow cases. Door Handle broke. Tub didnt drain, so I Waded in my shower. Faucet was puttied together. Ripped up dollar store curtain. Doors in kitchen & closet hanging of hinges. And my favorite were the real key, so anyone can make copies & get in. Duct tape over batteries for my remote that never worked, I watched same channel for 2 days. Hairs & old bar soap still in shower & soap holder. Management sent up some toothless man who looked down right homeless to give me batteries for a remote that still didnt work. And when I complained next morning along with others, we were told "manager wasnt there & he never comes in", and slopped down the owners name and said he lives in UK, so good luck. He refused to apologize for the room, because he didnt like my "tone" he was the most arrogent, uncaring, and couldnt be bothered employee Ive ever seen. 11/8/15 10am Hotels.com refunded me thankfully & I hope they remove this motel. Its a true disgrace and defiantly mirepresented for the price. Ive seen20dollar a night rooms off 192 that are better!!
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Toscana Suites - Kissimmee

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