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2/10 - Kém

Hotel did not exist. refused refund
This is the address provided. 106 Đường số 12, Long Bình, Quận 9. There is no hotel at this location. I talked to the locals and confirmed there were no hotel in the neighborhood. I found another Reddoorz at 12 Duong so 106 so I went there expecting had a mistake. The Reddoorz there could not find my reservation. Total incompetence. Kept trying to login to some portal on his phone to find it. I showed him my reservation and told me the location was not his. No help. I called reddoorz to get the correct location. Automated phone service wouldn't dispatch me to a support person without a reddoorz confirm number. I called to get help. They kept telling me they're trying to reach reddoorz on the phone. In the end, I gave up and drove home since my appointment had passed. Spent 4.5 hrs trying to get my room. did not refund my reservation. I would rate RedDoorz and a 0.
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