Odysea of Hampton

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Odysea of Hampton

Nơi lưu trú 3.5 sao
Condo 3.5 sao, khá thuận tiện để đến Hampton Beach
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23 Island Path, Hampton, NH, 03842
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Odysea of Hampton

***** Off Season Specials - please inquire about our discounted monthly rates.
Welcome to Odysea: a beautifully furnished, newly refurbished condo mere steps from all the fun of Hampton –Beach, Nightlife, Boardwalk, Eateries, Shops, & more. Odysea is conveniently located on the north end of Hampton Beach – where you can park before hitting the main thoroughfares of Hampton Beach.

As you enter through the front French doors, guests are greeted by a spacious open floor plan, modern kitchen, and living space. The kitchen provides full -sized appliances: dishwasher, stove, microwave, and fridge. The kitchen is fully stocked with pots, pans, dishes, and more – your home away from home.

In the living room, the couch and side chairs create that cozy gathering space for camaraderie and conversation. Play board games; share memories; or watch your favorite movie on the big screen Smart TV. Step out the French doors to bistro seating on your semi -private deck.

Odysea offers excellent parking – not just 1 but 2 private, secured garages. Shady protected parking – always a treasure during both sunny days and inclement weather. Newly added central AC to keep you cool through the steamy summer days.

Odysea provides excellent proximity to Hampton Beach and the Hampton Beach Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is a mere 2 -minute walk, and 2 -minutes more to the expansive sands of Hampton Beach.

Odysea comfortably sleeps 4 in 2 bedrooms:
* Queen Loft – sleeps 2
** Queen bed
** Comfy chair with reading light
** Bureau
** Hooks & hangers
* Guest Bedroom – sleeps 2
** 2 Twin beds
** 1 bedside table with lamp
** Full length mirror
** Closet
** Overhead light with fan
** Central AC
** Special Note:
the two twin beds can be attached to create a king bed.
Please let us know if you would like this set -up when you book!
***** Accommodation Highlights
** 4 -minute walk to Hampton Beach
** 2 -mintue walk Hampton Boardwalk
** 2 Garages - Secured private parking for 2 cars, total parking for up to 4 cars.
** High -speed WiFi – suitable for work as well as play
** Smart TV – use your favorite streaming services.
** Central Air
** 2 bedrooms to sleep 4 guests.
** Privacy shades for all windows
** Window AC units
** Full kitchen with full sized appliances including a dishwasher!
** Living room with Big Screen Smart TV
** Semi -private deck with bistro seating
** Full bathroom has shower combined with a full tub
** Laundry: Washer & Dryer, and iron with ironing board.
Little Boars Head Historic District is on the National Register of historic places. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Little Boars Head hosted celebrated persons such as presidents, governors, and artists. The Little Boar's Head Historic District is located at the eastern end of the Town of North Hampton, New Hampshire and consists of an area of approximately 150 acres including almost one -and -a -half miles of Atlantic coastline stretching roughly from south of the Rye town line and Bass Beach to the bathhouses north of the Hampton town line. The historic district is composed primarily of late nineteenth and early twentieth century summer cottages, houses and bathhouses, but also includes several early 19th century dwellings.
***** About Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach is the perfect place for families & friends to create enduring memories. Few beaches rival Hampton for the sheer number & variety of amusements.

Hampton is top 3, nationwide for water quality. The waves: tame enough for toddlers, yet energetic enough for teens to boogie board.

After a fun -filled beach day, Hampton Beach nightlife exudes enthusiasm: fireworks, free concerts, free movies, and headline acts. The Boardwalk is lined with all of the amusements for a classic beach vacation. Munch fried dough. Get that temporary tattoo. Feast on fresh seafood. Battle for the title of "Pinball Champ" or "Mini Golf Pro." Don Old West garb for a family portrait. Hit a 100 -mile -an -hour fastball. Watch people pass by. Do as much or as little as you wish.

Clean, energetic, and gorgeous - Hampton Beach is ideal for family friendly fun!
***** About iTrip New Hampshire Properties
- Smoking is strictly prohibited. Guests will be fined and immediately evicted if there is any evidence of smoking found anywhere in this home.
These are cause for eviction with no refund and may damage our ability to offer the home for future guests exposing you to liability.

Each of our properties features a "starter kit" of a few days’ worth of supplies for guests that includes toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent, & hand soap. The beds are fully made and ready for your arrival with freshly laundered linens. A set of towels for each registered guest are included in the rental rate.

- A luxury PACK N PLAY and other children's furnishings are available for an additional charge (as availability permits)

***** Visiting like a local means being neighborly. Please be respectful of the owner's home and considerate of the neighbors at all times.

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Odysea of Hampton Condo
Odysea of Hampton Hampton
Odysea by Itrip Vacations
Odysea of Hampton Condo Hampton

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