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At the Crater's Edge - Volcano

4 sao
11-3802 12th StreetVolcanoHI96785Mỹ
Tuyệt vời4,5 / 5
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At the Crater's Edge - Volcano

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  • Khách sạn này có 3 phòng

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  • Giờ nhận phòng: 15:00-18:00
  • Giờ trả phòng là 11:00
Guests planning to arrive after hours must contact the property at least 48 hours prior to arrival to receive late check-in instructions. Guests can contact the office using the number on the reservation confirmation received after booking via this Web site.

Giấy tờ cần có khi nhận phòng

  • Đặt cọc bằng thẻ tín dụng hoặc tiền mặt

  • Phải có giấy tờ tùy thân (ID) có ảnh hợp lệ

Đồng hành

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  • Không có nôi (giường cũi cho trẻ sơ sinh)

Vật nuôi

  • Không được mang theo vật nuôi


  • Wifi miễn phí trong phòng

Đi lại

Đậu xe

  • Bãi đậu xe tự phục vụ miễn phí

Tại khách sạn

Ẩm thực
  • Bữa sáng kiểu Âu miễn phí
  • Khu lò nướng BBQ
Vui chơi, giải trí
  • Spa đầy đủ liệu pháp
  • Phòng tắm hơi sauna
  • Gần đường mòn đi bộ/đạp xe
  • Gần khu chơi thuyền kayak
  • Gần khu trượt tuyết đổ đèo
Tiện nghi
  • Năm xây dựng 2007
  • Vườn
  • Khu picnic
  • Sân thượng/sân hiên

Tại phòng

Ngon giấc
  • Bộ trải giường cao cấp
Hãy tận hưởng
  • Lanai
  • Lò sưởi
Nghỉ ngơi
  • Đồ dùng nhà tắm miễn phí
Giải trí
  • TV màn hình phẳng
  • Truyền hình cáp/vệ tinh
Kết nối
  • Wifi miễn phí
Ẩm thực
  • Tủ lạnh
  • Nước đóng chai miễn phí

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Tuyệt vời 4,5 /5 from 34 reviews

At the Crater's Edge - Volcano
Xuất sắc5,0 / 5
A Volcano Must
At the Craters Edge is the perfect place to stay in Volcano. You will have easy access to the park with beautiful and private accommodations.
2 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
At the Crater's Edge - Volcano
Tuyệt vời4,0 / 5
We liked it, but it's not for everyone...
This place can be great or not-so-great, depending on your expectations. On the up-side: *You feel like you're alone, surrounded by lush green rain forest *It's relaxing to hear the rain pour at night with the doors open, as you sleep *The management provides fresh baked bread, is very nice and accommodating *The charm of a small, 2 room building in the forest is a nice break from big hotels with mobs of tourists Things that you might not like: *The water pressure is not great and getting a hot shower requires some tinkering *The bathroom sink drains slow *There isn't daily cleaning service in your room, you need to wash dishes in your bathroom sink *No AC, so it's very hard to get anything to dry in the rain forest Overall, we enjoyed our stay. We were happy to trade some of the comforts of a large hotel for the privacy and tranquility of this boutique.
6 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
At the Crater's Edge - Volcano
Tuyệt vời4,0 / 5
A uniquely beautiful Hawaiian cottage
Beautiful cottage at 3500 feet in the mountain rainforest. If you're looking for secluded, peaceful, and rustic, this is a great spot. The hotel manager was really lovely and went above and beyond. He even drove us down to the airport on the 2nd day because we realised we needed a rental car to maximise our stay. The hotel is beautiful. Our bathroom sink was what looked like a carved out tree stump. There were sliding doors that opened on two sides of our room allowing fresh air and the sound of light rain and singing birds to come through. There was a nice hot tub and sauna down the boardwalk behind the rooms. We enjoyed that one evening and it's a unique amenity for a property of this kind. The ad lists a complimentary breakfast but the hotel is not licensed as a commercial kitchen. We were provided an assortment of fruity, cereals, and snacks. The fridge was stocked with milk and juice. While we were disappointed to not have a hot breakfast, the food provided was a pleasant surprise. The hotel is close to Volcano, HI, a very small town with a couple food options. There is also very easy access to the Volcano National Park which is a MUST SEE. Beyond that, you need to be prepared for long drives to Hilo or other coastal areas, but don't let that deter you. This hotel is a unique chance to stay in the rainforest and really relax in between all day outings elsewhere on the Island.
3 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
At the Crater's Edge - Volcano
Xuất sắc5,0 / 5
Beautiful Surroundings
My husband & I spent 2 nights there and wished it could have been longer. The room is very comfortable and has everything needed. The surroundings are breath taking. We spent both mornings just lounging around in no rush and enjoyed the room and food left for us. We hope to return one day!
2 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
At the Crater's Edge - Volcano
Trung bình2,0 / 5
Real disappointment
We're seasoned B&B travelers as we've stayed in countless B&Bs throughout the continental US and in Europe and this one failed. Although the facility was beautiful, the service killed it. WE saw our host once, and then we were forgotten. We were told breakfast would be in our rooms as they aren't licensed to servce breakfast - okay, but what about replenishing the items in the room each day? We barely had something to eat the second day. Plus little details were overlooked - like at least come in and make the bed, remove the trash, bring in clean cups, etc. but no - nothing was done! Also, the room needed to be checked with little items - like we had only one spoon for two people - how are you supposed to eat your yogurt with one spoon! There needed to be a step stool to help you get into the high bed. There was only one cereal container, etc. etc. Really a disappointing experience and not worth the money they charged. We definitely would not recommend this B&B to others.
2 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn

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At the Crater's Edge - Volcano

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