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Canadas Best Value Inn Calgary

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2416 16th Avenue NW, Calgary, AB, CAN

Motel ở khu trung tâm thành phố cách Sân vận động McMahon vài phút đi bộ
  • Bữa sáng kiểu Âu miễn phí, Wifi miễn phí và chỗ đậu xe miễn phí
Giá Trị so với Đồng Tiền
Đáng Giá Nhất so với Đồng Tiền
Dịch vụ Internet tốt
Hồ bơi
Hồ bơi tốt
Không khí
Cảm giác không được dễ chịu lắm
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Canadas Best Value Inn Calgary

Quanh Canadas Best Value Inn Calgary

Địa danh

  • Tại khu vực Làng Đại Học
  • Cách Đại học Calgary 27 phút đi bộ
  • Cách Sân vận động McMahon 8 phút đi bộ
  • Cách Tom Baker Cancer Centre 20 phút đi bộ
  • Cách Foothills Medical Centre 22 phút đi bộ
  • Cách Thính phòng Nam Alberta Jubilee 23 phút đi bộ
  • Cách Học viện Công nghệ Nam Alberta 26 phút đi bộ
  • Cách Nhà hát Đại học 27 phút đi bộ

Đi lại

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Nhận xét gần đây

Tốt 7,0 Từ 406 nhận xét

Canadas Best Value Inn Calgary
Don’t stay here
Wifi wasn’t good. No hot water. Lighting was awful to get ready in.
Một khách du lịch, ca1 đêm nghỉ
Canadas Best Value Inn Calgary
Rất tốt8,0
Good for an overnight stay when you’re in a pinch
Staff was wonderful, told us that the hotel was built in the 70’s, also that it would be shutting down in a couple weeks, which I’m honestly not very surprised about. If it were to stay open, would definitely need serious updating. Lights, mirrors, bathtub, shower head, shower controls, curtains, and walls would all need to be replaced. Shower controls were the most difficult thing to figure out how to use; the blue knob wasn’t for cold water but was for switching between the shower head and the faucet, could never get the right temperature and had to change hot or cold water levels every two minutes. Water and hair from the last person’s shower were still in the tub when we arrived. Toilet didn’t work properly, had no instructions to hold down the lever in order for it to actually flush (we found out we had to do this about 10 minutes before we had to leave). Alarm clock in the empty room beside us started going off at midnight and wasn’t shut off until 12:30 after we and another room called the front desk to complain. Boyfriend didn’t trust the floor enough to walk barefoot or put his clothes or bags down on it and wore his socks the whole time. Again, front desk staff were amazing, but every housekeeper we came across looked miserable, they didn’t have proper housekeeper carts and used a shopping cart probably stolen from a grocery store instead. Definitely what I expected for $73 for one night. Would use as a last resort, but never as a plan A.
Josie, ca1 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
Canadas Best Value Inn Calgary
Hot room
Arrived at midnight from a long travel day. The room was very warm and the thermostat was turned down as far as it could go. Could not cool the room except by opening the bathroom window. Made for an uncomfortable sleep, awoke early and left without eating the breakfast which looked OK. The lighting was a bit dim in the room.
David, ie1 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
Canadas Best Value Inn Calgary
Not horrible
About as basic as you can get but the service was friendly, price was cheap and it was clean. Its reeeeeeally outdated and rundown though so even thought its clean, you get paranoid about it being dirty.
Sean, ca1 đêm nghỉ
Canadas Best Value Inn Calgary
Rất tốt8,0
Second visit
Value hotel..older motif. Had same room on second visit..still had not fixed shower head that sprays at ceiling even after I told them 2 week earlier. Basic accommodation. Best part is staff is super polite and friendly.
Sean, ca1 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn

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Canadas Best Value Inn Calgary

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