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Stone Soup Inn - Indianapolis

3 sao3 sao
1304 North Central AvenueIndianapolisIN46202Mỹ
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Tuyệt vời4,2 / 5
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Stone Soup Inn - Indianapolis

từ 2.023.771 ₫
  • Nhìn ra biển
  • VICTORIAN ROOM (Shared Bathroom)
  • Nhìn ra biển
  • CRAFTSMAN ROOM (Shared Bathroom)
  • Tầng 1
  • không hút thuốc
  • Tầng 1
  • không có máy điều hòa/máy lạnh
  • VIP
  • VIP
  • Nhìn ra biển
  • 1 giường cỡ queen

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  • Khách sạn này có 10 phòng
  • Khách sạn này gồm 3 tầng

Nhận phòng/Trả phòng

  • Nhận phòng 24 giờ
  • Giờ trả phòng là 11:00

Tại khách sạn

Vui chơi, giải trí
  • Khu thể thao
Làm việc từ xa
  • Một phòng họp
Dịch vụ
  • Dịch vụ concierge hỗ trợ khách
  • Trông giữ/bảo quản hành lý
  • Nhân viên thông thạo nhiều ngôn ngữ
Tiện nghi
  • Số lượng tòa nhà: 2
  • Năm xây dựng 1901
  • Vườn
  • Sân thượng/sân hiên
  • Thư viện

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  • Máy điều hòa
Ngon giấc
  • Bộ trải giường cao cấp
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  • Thiết kế riêng biệt
  • Nội thất riêng biệt
Nghỉ ngơi
  • Đồ dùng nhà tắm miễn phí
  • Máy sấy tóc
Kết nối
  • Wifi miễn phí
Ẩm thực
  • Nước đóng chai miễn phí
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Nhận xét gần đây

Tuyệt vời 4,2 /5 from 74 reviews

Stone Soup Inn - Indianapolis
Xuất sắc5,0 / 5
Nice and peaceful
Nice clean room, bed was a little too soft but that is just a personal preference. Was a little disappointed in bread/pastry choices for breakfast - only raisin bread - on continental breakfast but overall very nice.
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Stone Soup Inn - Indianapolis
Tuyệt vời4,0 / 5
A new experience
Our first time at a bed and breakfast, we were a little nervous, but the lady who greeted us was charming and helpful. A few very steep stairs led to our garden studio, a little tricky but we managed. The apartment had everything we could have asked for, and it was fun having breakfast with interesting people. Not luxury hotel style but we enjoyed the new experience.
1 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
Stone Soup Inn - Indianapolis
Tốt3,0 / 5
Not the best, not the worst
This B&B was just average. We called earlier in the day to say we wouldn't be getting in until after 11 and the innkeeper gave us specific instructions to get in. They were perfect. Everything worked well. When we got into the room, my boyfriend's pillow was dirty but everything else was fine. Breakfast was good but here is where I had my biggest problem. I go to these type of places to sit and talk to people from all around. First of all, the innkeeper poked his head out for just over half a minute but whatever. The thing that bothered me was that the lady that served us basically kicked us out of our seats mid-conversation because we were done eating and others were coming down for breakfast. I was still talking and enjoying my coffee and she said she needed us to move. I was highly offended. Please think about getting a bigger table!
3 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
Stone Soup Inn - Indianapolis
Tuyệt vời4,0 / 5
We were in Indy for a weekend filled with events. The free parking was welcome tho being inexperienced we probably spent the amount we saved on cabs. That said, we didn't need to look for parking or worry about having another glass of wine/beer. Stone Soup is a lovely old house and so our accommodation reflected the fact that it was located in that lovely old house; noise travels through vents. Breakfast included both hot/cold choices and there was delicious fruit.
1 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
Stone Soup Inn - Indianapolis
Tốt3,0 / 5
In general, our stay was good, no big complaints. I do think that there should have been fresh coffee and maybe fruit and muffins for those who could partake of the breakfast hour and a half. Breakfast was served at 8am. We had to leave at 7:30am and there was only instant coffee available.
1 đêm nghỉ cùng gia đình

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Stone Soup Inn - Indianapolis

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