1925 Spanish Villa Retreat Near Disneyland In Historic Park Santiago 3 Bedroom Home by Redawning

Thư viện ảnh về 1925 Spanish Villa Retreat Near Disneyland In Historic Park Santiago 3 Bedroom Home by Redawning

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Tổng quan của 1925 Spanish Villa Retreat Near Disneyland In Historic Park Santiago 3 Bedroom Home by Redawning

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1925 Spanish Villa Retreat Near Disneyland In Historic Park Santiago 3 Bedroom Home by Redawning

Nơi lưu trú 4.0 sao
Nhà nghỉ cao cấp với bếp, gần Bệnh viện Nhi đồng Quận Cam
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2405 Valencia Street North, Santa Ana, CA, 92706
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  • Vườn
  • Cửa hàng tiện dụng
  • Khu lò nướng BBQ
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1925 Spanish Villa Retreat Near Disneyland In Historic Park Santiago 3 Bedroom Home by Redawning

Spacious  2,284 sq.ft. home set on a 10,000 sq.ft. property with
large backyard and private front yard enclosed by 5' ficus hedges.
 This charming 1925 Spanish Revival, family-friendly home is located
in the Historic Park Santiago neighborhood on a quiet street canopied
by large Sycamore trees and is minutes from Disneyland, Downtown Santa
Ana, the Historic Orange Plaza, and walking distance to museums,
entertainment, shopping and more. 

The focal point is the open courtyard with Spanish fountain situated
in the middle of the home.  The north wing of the house leading off
of the kitchen has its own bathroom and bedroom, while the opposite
side of the home has a master bedroom and a smaller bedroom which
share a spacious  bathroom and a large walk in closet. 

The house features plenty of french doors and windows allowing for a
lot of natural light and  lovely breezes throughout the home.  

Beside the overall design of the house and gorgeous yards in front and
back, the second best feature is the kitchen. It has all the tools
utilized by a professional chef (the owner of the house is a local
award winning chef) and the backyard features a BBQ for either
wood/charcoal or propane as preferred by the guest.  There is a full
time tenant suite by the garage and we ask that guests do not disturb
the tenant. The yard is for your use exclusively, but the tenants will
exit for work through the side alley. The tenants will also move the
trash cans to the curb for pick up for you on Sunday night. 

Original hardwood floors grace most of the home and there are
traditional Spanish pavers in the kitchen and courtyard.  The formal
dining room seats 8 - 10 comfortably and many guests also enjoy a
meal outdoors in the backyard at the second dining table under a large
pergola with cheerful, outdoor lighting woven in among the wisteria.
The garden itself is a chef's delight featuring mature fruit trees;
white peaches ripen in July,  a hybrid lemon tree featuring 3 strains
of lemons that fruits year-round, grapefruit, and olive trees. The
planter boxes grow many varieties of tomato, (heirloom, cherry, roma
and purple cherokee) chilis, eggplant, French squash, Tuscan melons,
 artichoke, kale, varieties of lettuce, cucumber,  cilantro, thyme,
sage, chives, mint and other herbs. 

Should your group want to request a unique chef experience (a whole
roasted pig for the 4th of July,  a catered dinner for your long
awaited family reunion post covid restrictions, or a ladies getaway
weekend brunch) please reach out to arrange. Requests may be made in
advance for on site chef specialty meal services schedule permitting.

The backyard features a second smaller fountain next to the retreat at
the back of the property , as well as several areas to escape and
unwind with a cup coffee, a crossword puzzle or a cocktail.   NOTE:
There is a full time resident living in the studio apartment behind
the garage who will not disturb guests but may be seen  coming or
going  via their own private side yard entrance.

At the end of the street is a large public park that hosts movie
nights and live music during summer evenings, and is known for its
great trails for walking, biking and hiking. There are also tennis
courts, a softball diamond and a lawn bowling center in the park.
 Also within walking distance  is the Discovery Science Center, the
renowned Bowers Museum and Mother s organic Market and Kitchen among
other options for eating and shopping and we are a few minutes away
from Knott's Berry Farm, California Adventure, and Disneyland in

The house is set just 10 miles inland from the beaches, and 5 miles
from John Wayne Airport.  We are practically next door to Disneyland,
Angel's Stadium, the Ducks hockey at the Honda Center,  and it is
only 36 miles north to Los Angeles and 89 miles south to San Diego. 

House can sleep 8 people.

Maximum Accommodation is: 8 people (Adults and kids included)  Note:
the actual maximum occupancy of the property is 6 people, but it can
be increased up to 8 with available sofa and air mattress at extra $49
per person per night (fee included automatically).

Hosted by Red Awning with local guest services contact, Haley. Chef
Diego is the villa owner and can provide a chef's experience for your
group. Please contact us in advance to plan menus. 

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