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Architects Inn -- George Champlin Mason - Newport

3.5 sao3,5 sao
2 Sunnyside PlNewportRI02840Mỹ
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Tốt3,8 / 5
  • We had a rough start booking our room through Expedia when they tried to charge my…thg 8 27, 2015
  • We had a wonderful time at the Architect's Inn. Our hosts, Nick and Brian, are friendly…thg 8 16, 2015
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Architects Inn -- George Champlin Mason - Newport

từ 5.116.275 ₫
  • Murder Mystery Guest Room
  • Không hút thuốc
  • Woodbine cottage suite
  • Không hút thuốc
  • Không hút thuốc
  • Không hút thuốc
  • Không hút thuốc
  • Không hút thuốc

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  • Khách sạn này có 23 phòng
  • Khách sạn này gồm 3 tầng

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  • Giờ nhận phòng: 16:00-18:00
  • Giờ trả phòng là 11:00
Guests planning to arrive after hours must contact the property at least 48 hours prior to arrival. Please contact the office using the number on the reservation confirmation received after booking.

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  • Số lượng tòa nhà: 2
  • Năm xây dựng 1873
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  • Lò sưởi tại sảnh

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Tốt 3,8 /5 from 8 reviews

Architects Inn -- George Champlin Mason - Newport
Xuất sắc5,0 / 5
Fabulous home in a beautiful neighbourhood
The service was fabulous, Nick was very welcoming and helpful. Our room was lovely and breakfast was great, something different each day. The hosts knowledge of the area was great it helped us to make the most of our 2 day stay in Newport. I would definitely come back if I was in this part of the world again
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Architects Inn -- George Champlin Mason - Newport
Tốt3,0 / 5
Bed and No Breakfast
I thought I was booking into a bed and breakfast, having been fooled by the picture of the pretty dining room, but when we arrived we were informed that because we had booked through a booking service, we had booked the room without breakfast, and would we like to add breakfast (for an additional fee of course). Apparently, when you book through a booking service, the inn books the room without breakfast to make the rates appear lower. I would not have stayed here at the rate I paid if I had known that breakfast was not included. I felt defrauded. Adding to the insult, we were required to remove our shoes at the door, to protect the floors. Our room was in the attic at the top of a steep, narrow, treacherous flight of stairs, totally devoid of charm, with a chamfered ceiling for you to bump your head on, and a bathroom door that would not close. Nothing like the pictures in the ads with charming four poster bed etc. The only good things I can say was that it was well located and clean.
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Architects Inn -- George Champlin Mason - Newport
Trung bình2,0 / 5
Cluttered Victorian, but good location
The inn is located on a hill about a kilometer from the center of town. The house was funereal, dark on the lower floors even on a sunny day. One has to remove one's shoes upon entry, and walking around the place in stocking feet could cause some older people to slip and fall. The place was so filled with bric a brac and extraneous objects that I was fearful that a misstep could send something crashing to the floor. Definitely not a hip place for young people, more along the lines of a sedate resting home. Out of the more than 300 inns, hotels, etc in the area, I would most likely choose one closer to the action, or one that is less sad and forlorn.
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Architects Inn -- George Champlin Mason - Newport

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