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Best Western Blois Chateau

3 saoNơi lưu trú này nhận xếp hạng sao chính thức từ Cơ quan phát triển du lịch Pháp, ATOUT France.
8 Rue Jean Laigret, Blois, Loir-et-Cher, FRA

Ngay giữa lòng Blois
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Best Western Blois Chateau

từ 1.802.794 ₫
  • Phòng Superior, 2 giường đơn, Không hút thuốc
  • Phòng Tiêu chuẩn, 1 giường đôi, Không hút thuốc
  • Phòng Superior, 1 giường cỡ queen, Không hút thuốc
  • Phòng dành cho gia đình, 1 giường cỡ queen, Không hút thuốc
  • Phòng Tiêu chuẩn, 1 giường đơn, Không hút thuốc

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  • Khách sạn này có 26 phòng
  • Khách sạn này gồm 3 tầng

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  • Giờ nhận phòng: 15:00-22:00
  • Giờ trả phòng là 12:00
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  • Internet có dây miễn phí

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Tên gọi khác

  • Best Western Blois
  • Best Western Blois Chateau
  • Best Western Chateau Hotel Blois

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  • Thuế do thành phố quy định: 0.75 EUR mỗi chỗ ở, mỗi đêm

Các tùy chọn khác

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Quanh Best Western Blois Chateau

Địa danh

  • Trung tâm Blois
  • Cách Chateau de Blois 7 phút đi bộ
  • Cách Maison de la Magie 8 phút đi bộ
  • Cách Nhà thờ St. Louis 14 phút đi bộ
  • Cách Khán phòng Đa năng Le Carroir 3,9 km
  • Cách Trung tâm Y khoa Polyclinique de Blois 6 km
  • Cách Chateau de Beauregard 11,1 km
  • Cách Chateau de Cheverny 17,1 km

Đi lại

  • Cách Sân bay Tours (TUF-Sân bay Tours – Loire Valley) 47 phút đi xe
  • Cách Ga Blois-Chambord 1 phút đi bộ
  • Cách Ga Chouzy 13 phút đi xe
  • Cách Ga La Chaussee-St-Victor 13 phút đi xe
  • Không có bãi đậu xe trong khuôn viên

Nhận xét gần đây

Rất tốt 8,0 Từ 89 nhận xét

Best Western Blois Chateau
Rất tốt8,0
We've done our time here
Third time of staying but disappointed this time. Booked family room for 4 adults as on previous occasion family room was lovely and spacious. However this time we were cramped into much smaller room which would have been fine for 2 adults and 2 small children. When I asked owner (?) about larger room he was rude, inferring that we expected the best room at a cheaper price. We weren't given the opportunity to say we would have been happy to pay extra for that room. It made me feel really uncomfortable. He later apologised and said the next time if we wanted that room to call direct and state our nationality. To be honest I don't think there will be a next time!
Andrew, gb1 đêm nghỉ
Best Western Blois Chateau
Rất tốt8,0
Best Western, better deal !
Well positioned hotel for exploring Blois albeit 10 minutes and up-hill from from true centre of town. Rooms have been modernised and our well designed to make use of original building. Hotel faces onto large car park for Blois station which can be quite lively, at all hours, if people are travelling in large groups. On the basis of this stay, I have had to re-assess my opinion of Best Western and would cerainly now consider their offering when given a choice.
Một khách du lịch, gb1 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
Best Western Blois Chateau
Rất tốt8,0
Nice hotel
Nice location near Blois chateau and walking didstance to restaurants and shops. Modern decor and seems newly redone. Metered parking near by. I would stay there again.
Yoko, us1 đêm đi nghỉ cùng bạn bè
Best Western Blois Chateau
Trung bình4,0
Smelly room
The room reeked of cigarette smoke. The hotel staff was unsympathetic and slightly rude when we brought the issue to his attention. Because it was a holiday week there were no other rooms available. They tried to mask the smell with some type of spray but it only slightly made the stay more tolerable. Other than the smell, the room was decent and comfortable.
Một khách du lịch, us2 đêm kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn
Best Western Blois Chateau
Ngoại hạng10,0
Great hotel in Blois!
My daughter and I stayed here for just one night and were very pleased with everything about this hotel. First, it is literally right across the street from the train station which was great. We arrived mid-morning and room was not yet available but we were warmly welcomed and given information about the local area. We were able to leave our luggage and set off to explore. Once we checked into our room, we were pleasantly surprised by how spacious the room was and the full stand up shower was a nice change from other places we stayed on our trip. The towels were also great - nice and fluffy! The free wifi was also a plus. We decided to eat breakfast at the hotel and were once again pleasantly surprised. The breakfast room was quite large, very bright and comfortable. The food selection was outstanding with everything from eggs, sausage, pastries, cereal, bread, cold cuts, cheese, etc. We were able to leave our luggage again while we explored some more chateaus before leaving on the train that evening. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone!
Michelle, us1 đêm nghỉ cùng gia đình

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Best Western Blois Chateau

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