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Shengang Hotel Apartment ( Lanxigu Branch) - Thâm Quyến

3 sao
9B Lanxigu International ApartmentIndustry 3rd Road, Nanshan District, Thâm QuyếnGuangdong518000Trung Quốc
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Tốt3,2 / 5
  • The room was not clean, it has no toilet paper and water. The smell of the room was…thg 3 7, 2016
  • Overall the property is great, the room could have been cleaner and the cleaning staff…thg 4 27, 2015
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Shengang Hotel Apartment ( Lanxigu Branch) - Thâm Quyến

từ 1.542.061 ₫
  • Căn hộ Executive, 2 phòng ngủ
  • Căn hộ Cao cấp, 2 phòng ngủ
  • Căn hộ Executive, 1 phòng ngủ
  • Căn hộ Cao cấp, 1 phòng ngủ

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  • Khách sạn này có 60 phòng
  • Khách sạn này gồm 31 tầng

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  • Đặt cọc bằng thẻ tín dụng hoặc tiền mặt

  • Phải có giấy tờ tùy thân (ID) có ảnh hợp lệ


  • Truy cập WiFi và Internet có dây miễn phí trong phòng

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  • Dịch vụ hỗ trợ tour/vé du lịch
  • Trông giữ/bảo quản hành lý
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  • ATM/ngân hàng

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  • Wifi miễn phí
  • Điện thoại
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  • Tủ lạnh
  • Bếp
  • Dụng cụ nấu nướng, bát dĩa, dao nĩa

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Tốt 3,2 /5 from 21 reviews

Shengang Hotel Apartment ( Lanxigu Branch) - Thâm Quyến
Tốt3,0 / 5
Not a Hotel
Not really a hotel more of a self catering apartment. Very hard to find but 10 minute walk from most amenities. The room had obviously not been cleaned before our arrival,at least if it had been cleaned they did not clean the loo as it had not been flushed since it was last used. They did provide clean towels everyday though. We asked about the pool they said it was closed for winter (29 degrees is not winter) we walked all around the complex and never found the pool. Personally I would not stay there again by choice, but I could live with it for a week if I had too
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Shengang Hotel Apartment ( Lanxigu Branch) - Thâm Quyến
Tốt3,0 / 5
Keep your expectations low and you'll be fine
Not so much a hotel as a serviced apartment with minimal service. The kitchen was lacking utensils, the pans were dirty, there is a stove, microwave and dishwasher but no refrigerator. Check in is on the 5th floor. Had to pay a ¥200 deposit in cash only (I did get this back at checkout). On the plus side, the location was terrific, the room and the furnishings were fine and the price was good.
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Shengang Hotel Apartment ( Lanxigu Branch) - Thâm Quyến
Tốt3,0 / 5
so so
price is good for me but i dont understand why I have to pay service fee by cash.
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Shengang Hotel Apartment ( Lanxigu Branch) - Thâm Quyến
Trung bình2,0 / 5
Business stay at the hotel appartment
When I arrived it seems that the door lock did not perform smoothly. In the second day the lock did not close and with no second lock, the door could not be locked and had to stay open. No safe in the room. The young service girls who knew only Chinese wanted to help but were helpless and no 24 hours service. The communication was very difficult and no solution was found until the next morning. I stayed for 3 days and during this time no other room was offered (all 4 other was told to be full. In addition the kitchen had a bad smell so its door remained close. The place most mostly clean but not perfect. Will not come back, though the location was perfect for me.
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Shengang Hotel Apartment ( Lanxigu Branch) - Thâm Quyến

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