Historic Shotgun Steps to Streetcar & City Park!

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Historic Shotgun Steps to Streetcar & City Park!

Nơi lưu trú 3.5 sao
Nhà nghỉ 3.5 sao với bếp tại khu vực City Park

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  • Trang thiết bị giặt ủi
Bản đồ
636 North Hennessey Street, New Orleans, LA, 70119
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  • Máy điều hòa nhiệt độ
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  • Có nôi (cũi)/giường cho trẻ sơ sinh
  • 2 phòng ngủ
  • Bếp
  • TV
  • Máy giặt/máy sấy
  • Dụng cụ pha trà/cà phê

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2 phòng ngủ, 1 phòng tắm
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    2 giường đơn
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    1 giường cỡ queen

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Historic Shotgun Steps to Streetcar & City Park!

1. The booking guest must send a copy of a government issued ID upon booking.
2. Quiet hours 10PM - 8AM. Please remain cognizant and respectful of our neighbors.
3. While early check -in / late checkout may be available for a small extra fee (used to cover the cost of an additional cleaner) this must be arranged ahead of time. Unauthorized Late checkouts are a $50 charge for each hour after 11am - a 15 minute grace period is given. If the space you’re renting is for multiple units, the fee will be $50/hour per unit.
4. Smoking in the unit will result in a $500 Deodorization Fee.
5. Unregistered guests and parties are prohibited by local laws and ILLEGAL. Our occupancy limits are set by local ordinance. Any guest found to have had a party or over -occupancy will be charged a $1,000 fee for non -compliance with local laws. Exterior cameras present at the property to verify these laws/house rules are not broken.
6. Please do not hang or attach anything to the walls with push pins, tape, etc. or other painted surfaces.
7. Please use our black makeup towels to remove makeup to avoid damaging white linens/towels.
8. Guests are provided 2 keys. 1 Key must be left in the lockbox at all times in case your group gets separated, loses a key, or you lock yourself out. Lost keys will result in a charge of $150 to re -key the locks.
9. If the space is left excessively dirty $50 will be charged for each additional hour of cleaning required. Removal of bodily fluids will result in a charge of $150. Glitter cleanup will result in a charge of $100.
10. Unauthorized pets will result in an additional $250 deep cleaning cleaning fee and immediate request to leave. Pet Boarding recommendations available upon request. Both the owner and staff have pet allergies. If traveling with pets please inquire about our pet friendly units.
11. Unfortunately, we cannot accept bookings from “Locals” at this time. Locals is meant to include anyone residing within 60 miles of New Orleans.
**All charges are the actual cost, including labor, to remedy each issue.**

This quaint cottage offers the ideal getaway for escaping the day to day hustle and bustle of life. It is cozy and warm and tucked away in a quiet neighborhood conveniently located to several attractions. •Only 3 blocks to the Carrollton Streetcar line offering easy access to the French Quarter and 3 blocks to City Park! •Tastefully decorated to compliment the many 19th century architectural details throughout •In response to Covid19, we’ve updated our cleaning processes. See below in “Other things to note”! •Digital Guidebook W/ Food/Fun Recommendations, Early Check -in/Late Checkout options, Infant/Toddler Rentals, Eco/Allergy Friendly Laundry & More! •24/7 check -in allowed We look forward to hosting you! Please don't hesitate to send us a message before your stay!
This Fabulously restored Victorian double shotgun is in a prime location just off the Carrollton Ave Streetcar line which offers direct access to the French Quarter and Downtown. Boasting a gorgeous front porch along a private backyard offering a park -like setting. Soaring 12' ceilings throughout, this 19th century architectural masterpiece offers a uniquely New Orleans Experience. The spacious and recently renovated kitchen leads out to your backyard retreat. Off -street parking! Note that the bedrooms are "Shotgun" style and must be walked through to access the kitchen and bathroom.

Tổng quan

Nhận phòng/Trả phòng

  • Tuổi tối thiểu để nhận phòng: 21
  • Giờ trả phòng là 11:00

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  • Có thể cần giấy tờ tùy thân (ID) có ảnh hợp lệ
  • Tuổi nhận phòng tối thiểu là 21

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  • Không được mang theo thú cưng

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  • Lò vi sóng
  • Máy rửa bát
  • Dụng cụ nấu nướng/bát dĩa/dao nĩa
  • Dụng cụ pha cà phê/trà

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  • 2 phòng ngủ

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  • 1 phòng tắm

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  • TV

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  • Máy giặt/máy sấy

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  • Bàn

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  • Máy điều hòa nhiệt độ
  • Quạt trần
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Property Registration Number 19OSTR-26283

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Historic Shotgun Steps to Streetcar & City Park! New Orleans

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