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Rodeway Inn Berkeley - Berkeley

2 sao2 sao
1461 University AveBerkeleyCA94702Mỹ
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Tốt3,7 / 5
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Rodeway Inn Berkeley - Berkeley

từ 1.817.983 ₫
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Tốt 3,7 /5 from 343 reviews

Rodeway Inn Berkeley - Berkeley
Tuyệt vời4,0 / 5
Very Convenient and Clean Hotel !
Nice hotel, very clean rooms, clean surroundings, good parking space area, Great location, with close proximity to cities around the Bay, Very courteous & Friendly staff-
4 đêm nghỉ cùng gia đình
Rodeway Inn Berkeley - Berkeley
Tốt3,0 / 5
Thin walls, and a few other issues.
Overall it was fine, but there were a couple of issues which some travelers might want to consider. 1. The walls are thin and I could hear my neighbors. This is probably more annoying to me than to others but I could hear voices and a constant banging of drawers, doors, etc. 2. The heater/conditioner does not have a "fan only" feature and would turn on only for short stretches and then back off again. If you like "white noise" make sure your bring your own fan or white noise machine. 3. The mattresses really need to be updated. They are soft and you tend to end up in the center. This is not a big deal for me, but if you like a firm mattress, take this into consideration. 4. When I pulled back the bed-spread to go to bed, there was a rolled up aluminum foil burrito wrapper under the pillow. My guess is the previous tenant did not sleep in my bed, but ate there. Since the bed was not unmade, likely room service did not change the bed covers, etc. Something to think about. 5. The breakfast is just packaged pastries, toast and cereal. There are no yogurt, etc. kids of options. Other than that, the hotel is situated back off University Street and is very quiet. The check-in woman was nice.
2 đêm nghỉ cùng gia đình
Rodeway Inn Berkeley - Berkeley
Tuyệt vời4,0 / 5
Good value for basic accomodations
Look, you should not have very high expectations for a $99 room, and for the money this was clean, simple, and in a convenient location. Basic accommodations and I have no complaints.
1 đêm đi công tác
Rodeway Inn Berkeley - Berkeley
Tốt3,0 / 5
Worked well enough for sleeping and shower.
3 đêm nghỉ cùng gia đình
Rodeway Inn Berkeley - Berkeley
Trung bình2,0 / 5
Not a first choice to stay. Disappointing.
Only stay here if you absolutely need a cheap hotel. The staff aren't friendly and the lobby floor was stained. The bureau in my room had holes drilled into it and plaster flaking off the walk. I had shampoo and soap and shower cap but no complimentary toothbrush and paste. They have an iron for use. The air conditioner is horrible and loud. It took forever for the bath water to heat. They provide a microwave.They have a very small lobby and the breakfast bar is limited. They have cereal in bins so didn't look too fresh to me. They have wrapped pastry and waffles you can microwave. I had a pastry, pretty much like you buy in a store. Nothing special. The bed is pillow top and comfy. I argued about them trying to charge a deposit after I had paid in full. I saw a woman doing the same thing. They make no effort to please a customer at all. I had stayed there before out of necessity and I noticed the ramp up the stairs was gone so no wheelchair access(as of feb 2017) and I had to drag my bags up the steps to check in. I had pre requested an early check in and I waited forever to get my room. I needed more towels and just helped myself off the housekeeping cart. I had mentioned the lobby floor was stained. I witnessed a housekeeping person barely mop it, clean things up and then stick her leg into the trashcan to flatten the trash so she could get more in. Ick. There are only two tables for breakfast. The pc for use is in the wall, not a easy place to access it. I rate it a C.
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Rodeway Inn Berkeley - Berkeley

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