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The Albion

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Pen-Y-BrynWrexhamEnglandLL13 7HUVương Quốc Anh

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  • Internet miễn phí tại sảnh
  • Tích lũy đêmCứ mỗi 10 đêm, nhận 1 đêm miễn phí*!
  • Noisy location with traffic immediately outside and rowdy nightlife nearby. Blind in room…thg 7 3, 2018
  • After reading certain trip advisor reviews we were a little concerned what we may be…thg 6 16, 2018
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The Albion

từ 1.225.505 ₫
  • Căn hộ, Có phòng tắm riêng (Room 1)
  • Phòng đôi Superior, Có phòng tắm riêng (Room 5)
  • Phòng đơn, Phòng tắm dùng chung (Room 2)
  • Phòng đôi, Phòng tắm riêng (Room 3)
  • Phòng đôi, Phòng tắm dùng chung (Room 4)
  • Phòng, Có phòng tắm riêng (Room 6)
  • Phòng đơn, Phòng tắm dùng chung (Room 7)
  • Phòng đôi, Có phòng tắm riêng (Room 8)
  • Phòng đôi, Phòng tắm riêng (Room 9)

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  • Khách sạn này có 7 phòng

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  • Giờ nhận phòng: 15:00-23:00
  • Giờ trả phòng là 11:00

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  • Đặt cọc bằng thẻ tín dụng hoặc tiền mặt

  • Phải có giấy tờ tùy thân (ID) có ảnh hợp lệ

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  • Không có nôi (giường cũi cho trẻ sơ sinh)

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  • Không được mang theo vật nuôi


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Địa danh

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  • Cách Khu Công nghiệp Wrexham 4,7 km
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Đi lại

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Tốt 7,0 Từ 27 nhận xét

The Albion
Hotel fire alarm
This was a very unpleasant stay, I have stayed at a self check in Hotel, the details of how to arrive at the hotel was good and the code access were good. However, at 23:55 the fire alarm was activated, evacuated the build as I was leaving their was a person vacating room 7 and 5, the gentleman from room seemed to be trying to disperse smoke from his room. Outside the building we tried to contact the owners of the hotel after several call the gent from room 5 made contact and was informed that security was on the way. Security arrived at about 00:10 in an unmarked vehicle and no uniform he tested the alarm unit and said that he needed to check upstairs after returning he confirmed the alarm was activated for room 7. He then informed us that he was leaving the alarm deactivated and would return in about an hours time to check. when returning to my room I could smell smoke on the landing, I have smelt this type of smoke before which was weed / cannabis. I returned to my bed but was unable to return back to sleep, I left the hotel at 04:00. So overall not a pleasant stay.
Alan, gb1 đêm nghỉ
The Albion
Rất tốt8,0
Cheap, cheerful, just what was needed
Well, for free WiFi in the lobby..... there was no lobby I could see. The room, even though it was on the top floor, was clean and everything we needed. Coffee, tea, etc. We stayed in room 9 and the tv had clear reception, it was clean, decent shower, had a mirror, good mattress, unfortunately one window couldn't be opened at all so the room was hot as it had no fan or air con, and only a small window opening for any fresh air. It was secure, three different key codes emailed to me on the day of arrival, good local pubs,shops and take aways. There's a car park around the corner that was okay, quite a few cars on there but still plenty of spaces. It was cheap, cheerful and just what was needed. LOTS of stairs to the top floor, no good for the physically impaired and no real fire exit. Given what I'd read I was very trepidatious but ended up happy with it. 😊 No Wi-Fi unfortunately.
Một khách du lịch, gb3 đêm nghỉ
The Albion
Rất tốt8,0
Just an overnight stay in wrexham for myself and my son.wanted a twin room and didnt want to pay a lot.Did what it said on the tin,unstaffed hotel which I expected,ckean room and bedding and a good shower.did the job for a basic quick stay over and would use again
Kevin, gb1 đêm đi nghỉ cùng bạn bè
The Albion
Rất tốt8,0
Wrexham in a day
It was short and sweet, I would definitely go back. Soon.
Joseph, gb1 đêm nghỉ
The Albion
No reception. The toilet was blocked It was too cold. No body answer to the call. The worst place that I have ever seen . It was not hotel.just a place.a rubbish place.Its your fault that put it in your website. Disgusting place.I would lime to complain about it
Ali, gb1 đêm nghỉ

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The Albion

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